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Cheryl, your comments sparked a thought for me. I started to wonder how much Google really has impacted the economy. I found the following source below that outlines the different impacts Google has had on the economy. It is a long report but there is a lot of interesting information included in it. For example the report states, “Google generated $54 billion of economic activity for American business, website publishers, and non-profits in 2009.” It goes on to break down the impact for each state, but the question that still remains what about the companies that do not get coverage from the first couple of pages of the search results?
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Unformatted text preview: I also found another article that give tips on how to get onto the top of the search results. I am not sure how credible this source is, but if it is then it really has nothing to do with the quality of your company and more to do with what tags you use when marketing that website. Either way, I agree that Google has a huge impact on completion and the economy. Source: http://static.googleusercontent.com/external_content/untrusted_dlcp/www.google.com/en/us/eco nomicimpact/pdf/google_economicimpact.pdf http://websitehelpers.com/seo/...
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