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CC Pharmacy - in a friendly and compassionate environment...

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CC Pharmacy Michele Baker [email protected] GM 560 Summer 2010 Table of Contents Mission Statement Company History Business and Industry Profile Business Strategy Description of Products/Services Marketing Strategy Target Market Advertising Market size and trends Pricing Distribution Location and Layout Competitor Analysis Owner’s and Manager’s Resumes Plan of Operation Financial Forecasts Projected financial statements Income statement Balance sheet statement
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Cash flow statement Capital Expenditures Financial forecasts Loan/Investment Proposal Executive Summary Appendices and References Mission Statement CC Pharmacy strives to be the primary provider of pharmaceutical services in the north central Phoenix community by establishing strong relationships with our customers by providing full- service pharmaceutical care, management, and superior consultative and compounding services
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Unformatted text preview: in a friendly and compassionate environment. Vision Our vision is to achieve our goals by: • Providing world class customer service to all our customers both internal and external • Offering innovative methods of providing pharmaceutical care with a knowledgeable, friendly, and compassionate team of pharmacists and technicians • Continuing to grow our customer base and be profitable in a dynamic health care industry. Company History Appendices and References http://www.mymelrosepharmacy.com/cgi-bin/ePages.storefront/4c323a9907b315ec0000ac1003070579/ePages/Customer/Vanity/vanity/w ww.mymelrosepharmacy.com http://www.ncpanet.org/members/pdf/sample_biz_plan.pdf http://www.villagedrug.com/...
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