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Albertson-83rd and Deer Valley up

Albertson-83rd and Deer Valley up - COMPETITOR...

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Unformatted text preview: COMPETITOR STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES Pharmacy Name: Albertson 83rd & Deer Valley Attribute Hours Location Group # 11 S/W Explanation S 8a to 8p Monday through Friday. Sat 8a-6p Sun 10a-6p S 83rd and Deer Valley right hand turn into pharmacy heading west on Deer Valley or North on 83rd. Right on the North East corner of the intersection Parking Distance to Home Drive through Wait Time Product mix/Assortment Network multiple locations Inventory S S W S S S W Internet/IVR/Autofill Delivery Environment Atmosphere Lighting Privacy/confidentiality W W S S S S Waiting Area W Customer flow/store lay out S Staff S Service Offerings S Products S                                     S S S S S S Sufficient parking Good location No 20-30 minutes Similar to other stores; nothing is very unique. Other stores around but computer system is not linked Not allowed to have a big inventory. Lots of times they have to order in the drug for the next day. No autofill yes for voice record and internet No middle class Clean store middle class customers Sufficient Has a little area where patients can go and receive private consultation No spots to sit and wait. If a big line has to form they get in the way of other shoppers. Only has one register lines can get backed up if there arises a problem Pharmacy is located in the center of the store. They have general OTC's a few herbals. Two male pharmacists. Only one pharmacist working with one technician. They have student interns as well. The pharmacists seemed caring and approachable. They have a blood pressure maching by the pharmacy where patients can sit and test blood pressure. They offer flu and pneumococcal immunizations. Nothing out of the ordinary. They do not offer 4 dollar generics but they have a program where you can pay 10 dollar fee and get most generics for 4.99.                                                                                                                   S S S S S S S S S S S S S                                                                               ...
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