CVS- 91st and Lake Pleasant up

CVS- 91st and Lake Pleasant up - COMPETITOR STRENGTHS &...

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Pharmacy Name: CVS on 91st Group # 11 Attribute S/ W Explanation Hours of Operation W Monday - Friday: 8AM-10PM SAT: 9AM-6PM SUN: 10AM-6PM. The site is not 24 hours compared to other pharmacies, but is open at appropriate hours of business. Location (ingress and engress) W Right hand turn off 101W freeway and on the right hand side of the street when going to the CVS. It was easy to leave and make a left because there was a street light, but going back on the freeway there was construction and was down to one lane. There was also a competing Walgreens across the street. Parking S Plenty of parking spaces, and excessive to the size of the store. Distance from home or daily commute W Takes about 10 minutes from Midwestern and would pass by other pharmacies before reaching the CVS store. To get to the CVS you must take the 101 West and would exit off and continue to drive down another couple of stoplights before reaching the location. But it is around a residential area and accessible to those homes as well around other stores that would be convenient for shoppers to make one stop and shop different places. Drive through S There is an easy and accessible drive through. Wait time (adequate staffing) S In comparison to the amount of people and how busy the pharmacy was, there was one pharmacist, one technician, and one pharmacy clerk working. The wait time before customers were helped was relatively efficient. Product Mix (Assortment)
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CVS- 91st and Lake Pleasant up - COMPETITOR STRENGTHS &...

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