Group 11 Services Final - Group 11 Proposed Service(minimum...

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Group # 11 PHARMACY SERVICE DESCRIPTION Proposed Service (minimum 3) Objectives (min 3 for each service) Description of Service Process Description Objectives Protocol Diabetes Management Service provides services for our diabetic patients with early diagnostic stage, minimal to no complication, and no symptomatic indicator of diabetes. This service also includes offering all our customers risk factor screening since this disease state is frequently under- diagnosed and went unnoticed until more serious complications have happened. 1. Maintain patients with diabetes at therapeutic goals of A1C <7%, preprandial blood glucose <130 mg/dL, and 2-hours postprandial blood glucose <180 mg/dL 2. Maintain physical activities and weight bearing exercises (at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week) 3. Maintain healthy diet (vegetables, fruits, high fiber and whole grain food, and avoid food with saturated fats) 4. Improve medication adherence by having enrollees purchasing pill boxes as reminders to take their medications on schedule and to request refills on time. 5. Maintain patient within their BMI based on their weight as much as possible according to the WHO classification (18.5-24.9 considered to be healthy weight) 6. Determine the basic metabolic rate to assess the amount of calories the patient’s body needs in a day to achieve proper balance. Use this data to determine the maximum calories that the patient should take in their daily diet. This program is uniquely designed by us in that it provides individualized insulin regimen and blood glucose monitoring based on each patient’s need according to the Dipiro’s Pharmacotherapy and the Body Composition Index Analyzer. Patients can self-enroll or be referred by their primary care providers into this program. Before official enrollment into the program, pharmacists will determine the status of each diabetic patient. In each appointment, pharmacists will provide necessary monitoring and dosage regimen adjustment when they deem necessary. Pharmacists will also provide non- pharmacological treatment to ensure that patients will be at optimal goals with their pharmacological therapies. The
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Group 11 Services Final - Group 11 Proposed Service(minimum...

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