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Unformatted text preview: Group #    OPPORTUNITY & THREAT ANALYSIS Opportunity / Unmet Need Potential Pharmacy Service Threats to Success (indicate likelihood and severity) With increasing utilization of high technology including computers, navigation systems, and cellphones, individuals are accustomed to ease and convenience. Delivery of prescriptions would be covenient for patients. Courier Service to deliver prescriptions to patients within 10 miles of the pharmacy. 1. Patients using this pharmacy may not be within 10 miles of the pharmacy and therefore would not be eligible for courier service. Not likely and low severity because patients will most likely be from surrounding area. 2. Walgreens in surrounding area provides free shipping to patients and other competitors can easily start delivering prescriptions to become more competitive. This is very likely to occur and will be of high severity. We can distinguish our service from competitors by providing same day delivery therefore decreasing the severity of the threat.       1.According to complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) studies, consumers of CAM mostly include caucasians between the age of 25-49 with increased education and increased income. These traits can be found in our patient population, based on the environmental and market analysis. 2. Competitors do not stock a large variety of herbal medications/ naturopathic products.       Provide a compounding service for home remedies and difficult to find herbal products.       1. Patient may not be interested in home remedies or herbal products due to lack of studies and data.This is very likely and is of high severity due to lack of efficacy with herbal products. 2. Competitors can easily increase herbal medication stock- indicates high severity and very likely to occur. 1. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 23.6 million individuals (7.8% of the population) have diabetes. In addition, total cost of diabetes was $174 billion dollars in 2007. 2. Competitor pharmacies do not provide diabetes management services. 1.Studies have shown that stress induces weight gain and is most likely to occur in middle-aged individuals due to decreased metabolism with increasing age. BMI greater than 30 indicates obesity and increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health conditions. 2. Competitor pharmacies do not provide health and nutritional education or exercise programs. ...                                                             Provide Diabetes Management Service, including dosing insulin, and monitoring blood glucose levels and disease state education for new patients. Pharmacist will have extensive training and knowledge with diabetes care and management. Likely for competitor pharmacies to also provide diabetes education, but very low threat to our service because we will include individualized dosing and monitoring for each patient. This highly individualized service will require experience and time, which competitors may not have. Weight loss and nutritonal education 1.Patient population in surrounding area may program, including contracts with local gyms not see direct benefits of weight loss at this to provide discounted memberships for time due to lack of severe health conditions/ patients. co-moribidites. Patients also may not be ready or motivated to become healthier. This threat is likely and would be of high severity because the service would not be utilized. 2. Competitors can easily enter this niche and get contracts with surrounding gyms if service is successful with this population. Very likely and of high severity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ...
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