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Unformatted text preview: Group # 11 OPPORTUNITY & THREAT ANALYSIS Opportunity / Unmet Need Potential Pharmacy Service Threats to Success (indicate likelihood and severity) 1.With known epidemiology of HTN having access to a measuring device could increase patient's awareness and could possibly prevent long-term health issues. Patients may or may not own their own blood pressure monitoring devices. Patients may or may not know how to use their devices or be able to understand fluctuations in readings. 2. Most competitors did not provide blood pressure machines for patients in waiting area. 1. Having screenings for lipids could improve patient's health because patients may not be aware of risk factors for high cholesterol. Patients with hyperlipidemia may not understand side effects of their medications. Patients may not be aware of nonpharmacological therapy for high cholesterol management - or how to prevent high cholesterol 2. Competitors do not provide lipid screening to patients. Brown bag consultation. Polypharmacy occurs frequently due to the fact that patients are not educated Blood pressure screenings and education. 1. Demographic may not have HTN. This is unlikely and of low severity due to the fact that the majority of middle aged americans have high blood pressure. This age group matches our population age group of 28- 44 years, based on the environmental and market analysis. 2. Competitors can easily provide blood pressure screening and education to patients, if service is successful. Therefore, this is very likely to occur and of high severity. Lipid screening and education 1. Lipid screening device is very expensive and may not be cost- effective if patients do not utilize this service. A lack of utilization and a low perceived benefit by patient represents a high severity threat. 2. Lipid screening is expensive and requires investment, therefore it is unlikely that competitors will enter this market and therefore is low severity. Brown bag consultation/education Demographic may not recognize the potential negative impact of taking multiple medications or additional herbal about uses and indications of prescriptions. Patients may also not understand the severity of combining prescription medications with over the counter medications/herbals/vitamins and the possibilty of drug-drug interactions. No follow up services. Patient may not think of questions when they pick up medication and may not know who to contact if/when they have questions. Immunizations and reminder service. Some patients may or not follow or even be aware of immunization guidelines. Some patients may not understand the importance of immunizations.                                                       supplements/OTC products and may not utilize this service. Interaction and education by the pharmacist as well as advertisements in the pharmacy would make this a low likelihood and low severity threat. Follow up with patient on new medications that may cause ADE to see if patient has any questions. Provide immunizations and reminders for immunizations for eligible patients.                                                 The need for a second pharmacist is highly likely and represents a cost prohibitive high severity threat. Low likelihood that competitors will provide this service due to cost but if they did offer this service it would likely be similar therefore making it a high severity threat. May not have current address or contact information for patients is of low likelihood and represents a low severity threat. The need for a second pharmacist is high and may not be cost effective. High likelihood that competitors will be offering immunizations which also represents a high severity threat. The addition of the reminder service may decrease the severity of the threat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ...
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