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The first thing that comes to my mind is a small business owner. However, many large corporations were also started as a small company by an entrepreneur and have grown into the large companies they are today. I think a successful entrepreneur must be well rounded. In looking at our business plan assignment, it is clear that it is important to have a strong business sense, but also be knowledgeable about marketing and finance. I agree with Marcus that a successful business owner would have to be dedicated, because it is not easy and it takes a great
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Unformatted text preview: deal of time and effort. Many business owners I have met work upwards of 60 hours a week and that is not including the time they spent working outside of the office. Of course at they started making more money and were able to hire more people to delegate some of the responsibilities too, they were able to spend less time working, but it takes a strong individual and sometimes a very supportive family to be successful at running a profitable business....
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