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Week 2 Competitive Advantage 3

Week 2 Competitive Advantage 3 - clipping coupons or...

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I would have to agree with you Edwina. My dad and I often talk about this. He shops at a few different places for his groceries and then goes to Wal-Mart for things such as shampoo or shaving cream. He says that if he shops by the ads then he saves money so he bounces around because one place may not have all the items he is looking for on sale. However, with Wal-Mart being relatively cheaper on everything, I think it all evens out and I do not have to worry about
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Unformatted text preview: clipping coupons or driving all over town. It works for him because he drives all day for his job anyways and he is in and out of grocery stores for the same reason. Convenience has got to be one of the biggest competitive advantages I look for in any company whether I am shopping for groceries, insurance, or even a bank to do business with....
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