LSI Conflict Inventory 2 - LSI Conflict Inventory Michele...

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LSI Conflict Inventory Michele Baker GM 570 Managing Conflict in the Workplace Spring 2010
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Personal Conflict Styles This was the most difficult self assessment I have ever taken. This is partially because I have changed my goals a lot since I have been working in my current position with my current supervisor. I know I can be too opinionated which sometimes causes other people to be uncomfortable. Overall, I scored the highest in constructive conflict orientation; however, I had two high scores in the aggressive/defensive conflict orientation. I scored the highest and most accurately in the 12:00 position of Self-Empowered. The result of this assessment stated I often take control of my own objectives while still respecting those of my opponents. I view conflict as a necessary evil of personal and social development. I have a strong sense of accountability for myself and do not feel conflict can or should be viewed nonchalantly. I do not believe conflict should stem without a just cause. This result on my LSI actually contradicts another area in which I scored quite high. It states in the Self Empowered section that I feel conflict should not be avoided; however, avoider is the next highest area I scored in. I found this to be very interesting. I scored the lowest at the 10:00 position of perfectionist. I do not agree with this assessment. This section stated a perfectionist often sets impossible goals and pursues them with little concern for the likely outcome. Often this leads to failure, which leaves a perfectionist dissatisfied. A perfectionist has difficulty tolerating defeat. This is probably the area which I believe; I should have scored second the highest in.
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LSI Conflict Inventory 2 - LSI Conflict Inventory Michele...

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