Mid term Test 3.25.10 - s Managing Conflict in the...

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s Managing Conflict in the Workplace (GM 570) Mid Term Test General Instructions: This mid-term test consists of four essay questions, each worth 40 points. You have until the date/time stated in class to complete your test. Once complete please place you responses only in the Drop Box for grading. While you may have opinions on the topics covered in the questions, emphasis will be placed on your ability to support your answers with concepts discussed in class sessions and in the text. Please make sure that you have all four test questions in your download before you begin and good luck!
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TCO A: Given an understanding of organizational conflict, demonstrate an understanding of the influence of individual differences (core concerns, values, and attitudes), climate, and conflict styles on conflict interaction. 1. Why is it important to study the topic of conflict? Discuss how doing so better enables you do deal with personal and professional conflict situations. (40 Points) TCO D: Given an understanding of the role of power in conflict, demonstrate via case analysis how to judge or assess power and provide ideas about how to rebalance power so constructive conflict can take place. 2. In the case “Foreclosure Crisis has Ripple Effect” who are all of the parties in the conflict that result from this crisis? What approach would you use to resolve the conflicts between all of the conflicting parties? What could be done to prevent this conflict in the future? (40 Points) TCO G: Given a comprehensive understanding of classic and contemporary theories of
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Mid term Test 3.25.10 - s Managing Conflict in the...

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