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I think it important to take into account the manner in which our cases are written. There are always at least two sides to a story when it comes to a conflict between at least two people. For example, the case that we read in class really focused on the negative tone that the professor set by interrupting the speaker. In looking at ways to manage or avoid conflict, it is important to look at all angles. Many managers would not allow an open forum meeting in an attempt to avoid instances like these where someone asks something that may strike some people as inappropriate. Although this may sensor or limit the content of a forum, it may turn out to be more productive in the end. Similarly this case focuses on Tim’s anger and physical aggression, but does not really stay focused on the idea that Jay was in the wrong for having hit the scooter simply because he wasn’t
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Unformatted text preview: expecting it to be there. Please understand I am not giving Tim an excuse for his behavior, but let me off another way to look at this. Lets say you drive home from work every night and you work the late shift. Every night for the past year, you have come to the same stop sign in your neighborhood and there are never any other cars or pedestrians. So, one night for whatever reason you want to insert here, you decide to blow right through the stop sign knowing that no one is ever there and you kill a person walking their dog. Whether the dog makes it or not, was it that persons fault for being somewhere that you have never seen them before. Essentially that is what Jays excuse is. Tim was in the wrong place and he deserved to have his scooter demolished....
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