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4.1A Our text describes the latent phase as people having dispositions about a particular issue where the discontent may lead to conflict. An analogy that popped into my head is boiling a pot of water. Without the warming catalyst, the water will not come to a boil. Similarly the latent phase is a catalyst phase that may result in conflict. This case can be categorized as latent, because it is mostly describing the anticipation and anxiety that is being felt by the UP Board members due to the talk of cutbacks. This catalyst phase will most likely lead to conflict when the budget cuts are finalized and announced. That
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Unformatted text preview: would be the point in time where the conflict would move from the latent stage to an open conflict. I often have latent conflicts that I would consider an internal struggle. I have learned that in my work environment, it is better to be seen and not heard. I have been told that I was not hired for my opinion. Therefore, even when I feel something is completely wrong, I seem to stay out of trouble by keeping my negative feelings to myself. I think often times this latent phase may be where an individual has to decide whether the conflict is worth the end result....
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