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O- I liked how the article broke down the two ways in which an organization can help its employees embrace and use conflict constructively. The first way is having strategies for managing disagreements at the point of conflict. The second is having strategies for managing conflict once escalation up the management chain has occurred. Once there is an established process for handling conflict, people will be more successful at collaboration. The process of establishing the strategies for managing disagreements includes: 1. Devise and implement a common method for resolving conflict 2. Provide people with criteria for making trade-offs 3. Use the escalation of conflict as an opportunity for coaching The process of establishing the strategies for managing conflict that has been escalated includes: 1. Establish and enforce a requirement of joint escalation 2. Ensure that managers resolve escalated conflict directly with their counterparts 3. Make the process for escalated conflict resolution transparent
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Unformatted text preview: I really enjoyed this article and wish that my team could implement these strategies. I am very much the type of person who attempts to handle a conflict on my own, but when I cannot do so, I seek out the help of my management team. It would be wonderful if they thought of this as an opportunity for coaching. Too often I think they simply try to find a way to get me to stop bothering them, instead of stopping and listening to what I am saying and trying to coach myself as well as my team members to make sure the conflict is actually resolved. Source: http://www.lwwonlinetraining.com/hmm/difficult_interactions.zip/resources/R0503F.pdf The absolute best part about this article is the message of consistency. It explains how important it is for the organization to have a plan and strategy in place on how to deal with conflict. I think this is a key point. If my management team was consistent in any way, I think it would be a great start to alleviating conflicts....
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