Week 5 conflict 2 - collaboration Currently if we were to...

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D-The absolute best part about this article is the message of consistency. It explains how important it is for the organization to have a consistent plan and strategy in place on how to deal with conflict. I think this is a key point. If my management team was consistent in any way, I think it would be a great start to alleviating conflicts and improving collaboration. Many of our frustrations stem from having too many decision makers. One of the suggestions I have is to pin point which manger is the best to go to in order to help alleviate the conflict and in turn help
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Unformatted text preview: collaboration. Currently, if we were to go to any other the 5 managers we have, all 5 of them would suggest something different. They have no strategy and no consistency and that makes for an uncomfortable conflict situation. The biggest challenge is that our direct supervisors are constantly questioned when they hand down a decision. It makes it impossible to trust any answer or advise they give on a conflict matter. Top management should train lower management on the conflict strategy, so they will be better equipped to give us the best option the first time....
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