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1. Lockheed Martin definitely has a high-performance culture. The examples that lead me to this conclusion in the case study are the following: - Embracing life-long change and diversity - High priority on honesty and integrity - People who are fearless in the pursuit of excellence - Extensive community outreach focus - The fact that they have institutionalized the concept of diversity Without an amazing culture Lockheed Martin could not have received the numerous achievements listed in the case study. 2. Lockheed Martin has been proactive by creating initiatives that encourage diversity. These initiatives include: - Goals include a priority to empower minority students with scholarships - Diversity departments and employee councils that serve as a liaison between employees and management. - Employee networks that encourage career development, upward mobility, training, and
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Unformatted text preview: mentoring-Rewarding participants of the Diversity Progress Index initiative Lockheed Martin has made diversity such a priority, it pours out of their culture. 4. According to our text the following are the steps leadership at Lockheed Martin has taken to shape their culture: - Leaders serve as role models Stevens continued Coffmans initiatives and mission when he took over. Also, they hire executives that will have a commitment to carrying out the companys diversity initiatives. - Rewards for high achievers This extends beyond the organization by awarding scholarships to minorities.- Organizational culture is high performance.- Developing a written values statement - They have a missions success statement that includes the corporations commitment to diversity, excellence, ethics, integrity, people, and teamwork....
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