GM 570 Midterm - GM 570 Midterm 1. It is important to study...

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GM 570 Midterm 1. It is important to study conflict because it is inevitable. It happens globally, locally, with employees, supervisors, friends, family, and romantic partners. Anytime people interact with one another there is a potential for conflict. From crowding in cubicles to clusters of traffic, people are bound to get frustrated. Conflict arises naturally in any setting and has the ability to decrease productivity. It is important to understand that conflict does not just affect those directly involved; it can spread to people in the surrounding areas of the conflict. For example, if my manager and a manager I must also work closely with have a conflict it is likely to affect me. Furthermore, I can take that conflict home with me and let it spread beyond work and into my personal life. By studying conflict these are the types of situations we can try to avoid. The numerous benefits of studying and understand conflict include better personal and romantic relationship, getting along with your co-workers better, and it can help your career development. The way you handle conflict can positively spread to your friends, family, and fellow employees. Your mental health improves as you become more constructive with conflict. You can predict when conflict may arise and be better prepared to handle it productively. 2.
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GM 570 Midterm - GM 570 Midterm 1. It is important to study...

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