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As we discussed in class tonight, email can be a big contributor to conflict sometimes without intent as one of our classmates explained. She said that it is difficult to tell the tone that is intended and sometimes takes things wrong in email form. This article gives some great examples of how some simple matters can be easily escalated by using email instead of talking face to face or at least voice to voice. Regrettably I can admit that I feel victim to the email conflict trap. I confronted a co-worker via email because I knew she would just cry if I talked to her in person which of course makes the situation very uncomfortable. It is common knowledge that she cries whenever someone confronts her. However, in approaching the issue through email she took the situation up the chain of command and wanted to schedule a conference call. I instead spoke with her in person and got a much better result. She this class is paying off already.
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Unformatted text preview: Good luck on the final everyone! Another great point made by this article is that email offers two advantages over other communication tools. Those abilities are revisability and reviewability. I have found that sometimes it is beneficial to have a record of a conversation for future reference which was partly why I approached the situation in my previous post the way I did. Once my manager brought it to my attention that a meeting may be held, I was able to send her the discussion for her record. It was made evident by that email string that the other person involved was exhibiting avoidance behavior. Again as we discussed in class this is not the best way to handle conflict. However, I can see that even though I am able to review the conversation and was able to revise it before sending my part; I could have possibly avoided the situation all together if I would have confronted my co-worker face to face....
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