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LSI Conflict Inventory Michele Baker GM 570 Managing Conflict in the Workplace Spring 2010 Personal Conflict Styles This was the most difficult self assessment I have ever taken. In part because I have changed a lot since I have been working with my current supervisor. On the other hand, I know I can be too opinionate and sometimes causes others to be uncomfortable. Overall, I scored the highest in constructive conflict orientation; however I had two high scores in the aggressive/defensive conflict orientation. I scored the highest and most accurately in the 12:00 position of Self-Empowered. The result of this assessment states I often take control of my own objectives while still respecting those of my opponents. I view conflict as a necessary evil of personal and social development. I have a strong sense of accountability for myself and do not feel conflict can be viewed nonchalantly. I do not believe conflict should stem without a just cause. This result on my LSI actually contradicts another area I scored high in. It states in the Self Empowered section I feel conflict should not be avoided, however avoider is the next highest area I scored in. I found this to be very interesting. I scored the lowest at the 10:00 position of perfectionist. I do not agree with this assessment; however it states a perfectionist often sets impossible goals and pursue them with little concern for the likely outcome. Often this leads to a failure which leaves a perfectionist dissatisfied. A perfectionist has difficulty tolerating defeat. This is probably the area where I feel I should have scored second highest in, which unfortunately may also means I escalate even very small conflicts due to myself frustration.
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Most of the other areas in my circumplex are accurate. I am not too concerned with relationship building. I have always kept work and friendships separately in order to prevent conflict, however the team I am working with now actually gets frustrated becauseI do not want to participate in water cooler conversations and because I do not get overly excited about team building activities which seems to be spent listening to people tell stories about their personal lives. I have never really understood how hearing about these things makes people work together better as a team. I also do not tend to be an accommodator or a regulator unless it is built into the expectations set by my management team. However I did find one other area off a bit. The assessment characterized me as a dominator. While I agree I tend to be a little more on the aggressive side than others, the description given in this section is a bit harsh. I do not think of myself as manipulative or in a position where I am always trying to accumulate power. I usually am not interested in the responsibility associated with too much power. I like being held
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LSI Conflict Inventory - LSI Conflict Inventory Michele...

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