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I’m not quite sure what the second question is getting at, but I think that many times people use gossip as a way to gain power, respect and approval. Listeners of gossip, often become followers of those who are spreading the gossip. As people gain the approval, respect, and often power over others essentially they are gaining both positive and negative face factors. Gossip is unfortunately a very powerful thing. It can bring much negativity to a team or group. Sadly it happens every day in my work setting.
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Unformatted text preview: My supervisor adaptively gossips with the team members. For example, if I am having a problem with a co-worker, not only does she nurture my negative feelings she adds fuel to the fire. Instead she should focus on making her team more cohesive, not driving us further apart. It is just her way of saving face with each of us individually. She does the same about me with other team members. It often makes our work climate very uncomfortable....
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