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Quality Award Paper - Michele Baker Quality Award Paper New...

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Michele Baker Quality Award Paper – New Mexico Quality Awards GM 588 Summer B 2009 Purpose and Background The New Mexico quality awards are derived from the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award which was established in 1987 by congress and named after the 26 th Secretary of Commerce in order to recognize U.S. achievements in performance excellence. From the Baldrige National Quality Award stems the use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence within the New Mexico award standards. One of the key factors of quality is that it is continuous and therefore the criteria for the Baldrige award have been updated to include the following: Customer engagement, social impact, and work process management and sustainability. The purpose of the
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New Mexico quality awards is to recognize businesses that are in various stages of what is referred to as their “Performance of Excellence Journey.” This difficult and never ending journey may vary between companies however the goal is to develop quality to both internal process and customers by providing an opportunity all employees but especially management to gain knowledge of the best way to improve current systems and processes. In an example of the journey taken by a company called Mesa Product Inc., their journey included a comprehensive challenge including the following areas of interest: Customer service, relationships, performance excellence, work environment, opportunistic growth. Through quality models, Mesa Products Inc. would focus on on-time shipping to their customers and boosting customer satisfaction. It is important to understand that quality does not stop there. Mesa would also strive to maximize productivity, optimize employee training and increase both sales and profits all by effectively utilizing the principles of quality. Mesa was able to achieve
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