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Part 1: In the organization I work with our Quality is defined not only by the level of education provided to our students, but also the level of customer service we provide them from day one. I work in the admissions department of DeVry University and from the moment our sales department calls a student, our customer service quality comes into play. Once they get through the admissions department, the highest level of quality that will concern them is their teacher, classroom, textbooks, etc. They will also come in contact with the academic advising department and it will be important for them to provide quality customer service.
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Unformatted text preview: The largest stakeholders that are affected in my particular department is the advisors and of course their students. The advisors reviews and bonus are based upon their recruiting level. Things may seem simple, but quality customer service is affected by a lot of factors. Product knowledge is of key importance. The advisors must know and understand the online environment and programs they are selling to the student. It is also important for the advisor to know the procedures of the different departments within the admissions process, so they can walk the student through the procedure seamlessly....
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