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I think it is scary how long it has taken these models to become prominent in the United States. I think Deming’s point in the video was very interesting. America’s quality performance journey is not where it needs to be by any means, but America just does not know it. There are many strengths that are apparent in all of the quality models we went over in class. They each recognize the most important part of this idea, that improvement is continuous and never ending, teamwork is of utmost importance, and management are the only ones that can control the
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Unformatted text preview: direction of quality. If quality is not instilled in every worker in every aspect of the company, management is basically where the blame will lie. The weakness seems to remain with the American companies for not fully implementing these models even though they have been proven to work in Japan. Japan’s products were considered shoddy and they have a poor reputation. However, by embracing teachings such as those of Deming and Juran, they were able to turn things around....
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