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The organization I work for could really benefit from taking more of these principles we discussed in class into account. They have implemented a mission statement which is touched on in Deming’s 14 principles of Quality. However, there seems to be little following through. They give awards concerning the mission statement, but everything is still driven by numbers as opposed to quality. I do not believe there is appropriate training in providing quality in any of the departments that I am in contact with. I was really surprised to see that there are companies
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Unformatted text preview: that have minimum requirements for training simply regarding quality. That is amazing. Since I started working in the department a year ago, they have implemented mandatory training courses every month. The problem is still with the follow through. They are only concerned with you passing the course and not at all with implementing ANY of the key ideas in the training session. I find it very frustrating. I would love to see more focus in the company on quality based on the ideas and principle of the founding fathers of quality....
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