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Our company may finally be doing something right when it comes to choosing the next Customer Service Relationship program we use. Currently, our program is not at all user friendly and there are many major malfunctions that we encounter on a daily basis. One challenge is that often times the people who make a final call of purchasing a tool like this are not the ones that work with it on a day to day basis. The company actually put together a project that includes a group of individuals in different roles across the organization. This will allow management to identify satisfiers, dissatisfies, and exciters. Hopefully by taking advantage of
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Unformatted text preview: the peoples skills, knowledge, and needs that actually work with the program regularly, they will be able to identify potential issues and have them resolved before the roll-out. After reading the Southwest Airlines business strategy, it made me truly realize that the organization I work for truly could use some input on how to make something like that happen. The current system we use is so hard to work with that it makes many people very discouraged way too often. Maybe if they focus on making the employees happy by giving them a workable system, which will translate into happier customers as it does for Southwest Airlines....
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