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LSI Paper and Online Discussion Wk 2-Org Beh

LSI Paper and Online Discussion Wk 2-Org Beh - Lifestyles...

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Lifestyles Inventory Paper 1. Upon completing the Lifestyles Inventory I found that my dominant styles are achievement, dependency, and I am a perfectionist. The only one I found surprising at first was that I would be considered dependent. The other two are completely true. I strive for success in every task I take on. For example, if a goal is set for me at work, I am never satisfied until I have efficiently achieved my goal. I think the part of me that is dependent, is that I seem to need positive reinforcement. So I am dependent on my supervisors as well as my co- workers to give me that feedback so I can make any necessary adjustments. I also found that my weakest styles are competitive, power, and oppositional. Again, I was not surprised by these results. I am not competitive with anyone other than myself. As long as I can achieve my goals, I am really not concerned with how everyone else is doing. I don't need power as the text describes it. I do not feel the need to get people to do the things I want. I have been a manager of a retail store and I honestly just found it to be more hassle than it was worth. I like being more of a team leader as opposed to being the one with the ultimate power. I think this goes along with me being a perfectionist. If I am in charge of the team, I can make sure that things get done right. However, I still want someone in power above me that holds the most responsibility. I found that I do not really like having to make the "tough" decisions that come with having power, such as firing employees. Lastly, I am not very oppositional. I have my opinions and I have no problem sharing them as well as ideas on how to improve things, but once the law is laid down by those in power, I tend to do what is asked of me. 2. I think all of my dominant as well as my weakest styles can be attributed to my parents. They are not competitive and never pushed me to be. When I was younger, I participated in Karate and cheerleading, however they never forced me to participate in tournaments. They did however teach me to be respectful of
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