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Topic for Paper… Using the ten step process to create a better training program for my position at DeVry Online as Administrative Coordinator. 1. Identify problem- is that there is not an actual training process in place. A process needs to be created, streamlined, and put into effect 2. Measure- Measure progress and success by having seasoned people go through the training process and try to complete the tasks using only the training materials. Once they can complete the task without mistakes, the process would be complete. 3. Current process -is not structured. There is a manual, but it is incomplete and was not even used during my training…. Cause of problem- is that there were too many people involved in my training that turned out to be unsure of how to do some tasks and ended up teaching me incorrectly. Good practices-the manual, but it needs to be utilized and it needs to be more complete. 4.
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