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Week 3 Lecture (Session 3) Organizational Culture; Organization Change; Power and Politics Homework Review Organizational culture is a collection of enduring beliefs, values, customs, traditions, and practices shared by it’s members across generations. -Expectations derived from culture create norms of acceptable behaviors and ways of doing things. Org culture is like an individual’s personality. Like people, organizations can be described across a continuum such as conservative, warm, dynamic, etc. -Culture effects the type of goals the organization will pursue and how they will pursue them. -Over time, heroes, myths, and rituals that perpetuate the values of the culture emerge and serve to demonstrate and emphasize the way things are done in the organization. The Process of Change Video – The Business of paradigms. Dr. Joel Barker Video Discussion What are some of the key points that you take away from this video? How does this impact the organization’s ability to change and to react to change? Break – 15 Minutes Organizational Change Managing successfully in the future will be a function of how well you can manage diversity. More women and minorities in the workforce than ever before. Educational levels required in organizations are also increasing But a significant portion of the new workforce does not have marketable skills Successful organizations are investing heavily to upgrade their people skills. What’s Driving Change? Technology - Specifically computerization is bringing about widespread changes in the required skill levels of employees and managers to help them cope with rapidly changing front-line customer needs. Because technology is changing so rapidly, employee skills are becoming obsolete more rapidly. Organizations are having to increase their investment in employee training and education to survive. People doing specialized, routine jobs are being replaced by work teams whose members can perform multiple tasks and actively participate in decision making. Economic Forces - These shocks typically hit some industries and firms harder than others. OPEC in the 1970’s drove up oil prices. This resulted in trouble for GM and Ford, but prosperity for Toyota and Honda.
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Inflation rates in the mid-1980’s skyrocketed. Resulted in fewer people qualifying for home mortgages. Many builders went bankrupt. People’s expectations for wage increases increased sharply in order to keep up with inflation. This consumed many companies’ wage increase dollars and merit increases were almost non-existent. Stock market crash of 1987 devastated the financial services industry. Collapse of the junk bond market single-handedly ended the corporate
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Week 3 Lecture - Week 3 Lecture(Session 3 Organizational...

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