9B outline

9B outline - ) (SCT 423) B. As noted elsewhere (SCT 426-29)...

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Chinese receptions of Buddhism I. Intro to the problem II. Some Chinese objections to Buddhism A. As noted in Mouzi: Disposing of Error (SCT 421-26) 1. The simple fact of foreign origin (SCT 425) 2. The lack of Chinese canonical precedent (SCT 422) 3. What, no methods for transcendence/immortality?? (SCT 425-26) 4. Doctrine of rebirth and reward/punishment after death (SCT 424) *Note: to justify belief in rebirth, early Buddhism proponents in China argue that the soul is immortal and thus survives death to be born again in another body!! 5. The following elements of monastic practice: a. Leaving the household (not procreating to continue the family line, not making offerings to ancestors: unfilial ) (SCT 423-24) 1
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b. Shaving the head (doing injury to that which is inherited from the family lineage and must be preserved intact: unfilial
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Unformatted text preview: ) (SCT 423) B. As noted elsewhere (SCT 426-29) Refusing to bow to rulers: disloyal (SCT 426-29—the monk Huiyuan and the controversy of 402 C.E.) Huiyuan’s argument III. Some pro-Buddhist responses A. Re: filiality Story of the nun 5 th c. nun An Lingshou Scriptural insistence on filiality (SCT 429-32) B. Re: foreign origin, lack of native precedent Legend of Asoka’s having erected 84,000 stupas on a single day; Buddhist archeology! Interpretations of canonical passages C. Re: lack of methods for immortality Impermanence and nirvana 2 IV. Comments on the Scripture in 42 Sections (RCP 360-71) Impermanence 367-68 #16 Aggregates 368 #18 (no-self), 369 #27 Practicing the Way doesn’t immediately eliminate suffering! (370 #35) Household life as obstacle to religious practice (368 #21) 3...
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9B outline - ) (SCT 423) B. As noted elsewhere (SCT 426-29)...

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