Week 6 Lecture - Week 6 Lecture (Session 6) Organizational...

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Week 6 Lecture (Session 6) Organizational Effectiveness Terminal Course Objective E - Given a specific challenge of intergroup conflict, demonstrate specific group process, decision making and conflict resolution behaviors a leader can use to effectively resolve the conflict. Decision Making - Decision Making - in organizations is a continuing process of identifying problems and opportunities and then choosing among alternative courses of action for dealing with them successfully. o Managers make many decisions in risky an uncertain environments where situations are ambiguous and the available information is limited. Some decisions are programmed and can be used over and over again in routine situations. Many others must be crafted as unique responses to non-unique situations. - Intuition, judgment, and creativity are all critical in effective managerial decision making. o Intuition , the ability to recognize the possibilities of a situation quickly, is increasingly considered an important managerial asset. o Judgment is the use of cognitive skills to make choices among alternatives but judgment “rules of thumb” can potentially bias decision making. –Creativity in decision making involves the development of unique responses to problems and opportunities of the moment. -Escalating commitment to previously chosen courses of action (even though it is not working) can also bias decision making, and managers should be willing to call it quits when courses of action are not working. In deciding to decide, there are two important steps to consider: First is selecting the problems and opportunities that deserve management attention. Second is picking a strategy
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Week 6 Lecture - Week 6 Lecture (Session 6) Organizational...

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