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Week 1 Leadership 3 - Joseph nailed this Due to his...

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In doing some searching around on the web, I found a really interesting link that lets you take the big five personality test. I took it not only for myself for fun, but to see what how this test matched Joseph’s conclusions. This test combined agreeableness with good natured, so it contradicts Joseph’s opinion on being agreeable professionally. If these two characteristics are paired, then Gates’ hue investments and affiliations with the charitable foundation lead me to the assumption that he is very good natured. The highest score in the results for the characteristics that I entered for Bill Gates was conscientiousness.
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Unformatted text preview: Joseph nailed this. Due to his reliability and self discipline, Gates scores very high in this area and is described also as very considerate of the feelings of others. Again this is illustrated by his involvement with the charitable foundation. I found this to be a fun way to explore my traits as well and to see if I aligned with any of the results that I received on behalf of Bill Gate’s attributes. I also scored highest on the conscientiousness area; however I scored very low on how open to experiences I am. I find that result very interesting. Source: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/...
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