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9. I completely disagree that reinforcement theory is unethical because it manipulates employees especially in this case. Reinforcement was used to motivate the employee in a way that actually gave them more freedom and responsibility which is not manipulative at all. The managers now make their own schedules, utilize funds from the petty cash as they see fit, and select their pay rates. I think it is possible that some companies may utilize reinforcement as a way to manipulate. If they combine negative reinforcement with positive reinforcement it may come across as favoritism to those who receive the positive. Also, some employees may feel black mailed.
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Unformatted text preview: However, in my opinion I agree with what we talked about in class that if you treat people as adults they will act like adults. Also, I think in most cases the people that complain about reinforcement being manipulative are probably not doing their job in the first place. Working in such a big office like I do now, I get to see that most people who are unhappy with a reward plan are unhappy because they are too busy complaining instead of doing their job. If they took advantage of the rewards like the employees at Friedman did, they would be much more satisfied at work and still be getting their job done....
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