Week 2 Leadership 2 - be “clocking out” on time. Also,...

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6. Although I like Friedman’s approach and would love to work for a company that did not dictate my schedule almost to the minute, I do not think it would work at all companies. Just in the past year at my company, our dean decided to let those that met their goal choose their own schedule. Our system of “clocking out” is what the time stamp reads when they send in their Daily Activity Reports. Unfortunately, they were still among some of the folks who were utilizing the delayed delivery tool in our email system in order to leave early but still appear to
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Unformatted text preview: be “clocking out” on time. Also, we had a “petty cash fund” for certain activities and the lady that had full discretion of those moneys was stealing from it. I think a system like Friedman’s could eventually work if you weeded out all the dishonest individuals, however it may not be worth what it costs the company. Lastly, I do still agree that positive reinforcement will motivate employees to be more productive, I just do not think this particular approach is the most feasible....
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