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Week 3 Leadership 2 - The text indicates that the...

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The Path-Goal Leadership Theory and Model that House would suggest for the leader of the designers would be either Supportive or Achievement Orientated. It is obvious that designers do not was an autocratic leadership. They are highly skilled at their tasks and are performing well. Therefore, Thomson could either choose to support them, or to set higher goals to make the designers strive to be even better. This may cause some contention at first, because the designers may feel that Thompson is questioning their abilities; however when he incorporates rewards for achieving the higher goals, the designers should respond well.
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Unformatted text preview: The text indicates that the Achievement Orientated style is best used when employees are open to autocratic leadership. Even though this group of individuals did not respond well to Thompsons current style of leadership, they may be more open to it, if he is not trying to automatically get them to change how they are doing things. If he instead tries to prompt them to improve their methods on their own to gain the rewards offered, it will be more like they are the ones choosing to change their methods instead of being ordered to....
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