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7. It is plain to see Thompson would score very high in “surgency “ in terms of the Big 5 Model of Personality. According to our text people who have traits on the surgency personality dimension have dominant personalities and want to be in charge. This type of leadership also includes extroversion traits. It Thompson was not outgoing he would not be able to tell people how to do a job he doesn’t have experience with himself. It is apparent that he is not shy and leans toward the aggressive style of leadership. Thompson does not share traits with the other categories of the Big 5 Model of Personality.
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Unformatted text preview: He is not agreeable. He did not get along with the designers. He does not show signs of adjustments. He is trying to use the same leadership style on the design team as he did on the small parts department employees. This leads to the same reasons that he does not show any signs of being open to new experiences. In order to be categorized in this area of the Big 5, Thompson would have traits related to being willing to try new things and to change. Neither of these are things that he did when taking over the design department....
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