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1. Considering all of Weinbach’s principles stem from effective communication, I would have to say that was the main focus that can be pulled from the principles of this chapter. In fact the text explains that true communication can only occur when all parties understand the message. Weinbach reinforced his vision of focusing on employees, customers, and reputation by giving each one of his employees a three legged stool pin. I found this case study amazing and truly wish our company would implement even half of
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Unformatted text preview: what Weinbach did for Unisys. Effective communication is part of leadership; however my boss cannot even put together a coherent sentence in an email. It is interesting how a company can turn its future onto the right track when they make if a priority to have happy employees who want to work. I think if any one of my management team members would be able to effectively listen and communicate; our team would be much more cohesive instead of completely out of control....
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