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Weinbach’s use of feedback was amazing. He did not just come into Unisys and have an "I know how to fix everything" kind of attitude. He realized that Unisys was in trouble and he reached out to his employees to get their feedback on how to fix it. Our text explains that it is essential to be successful in an organization that you are open to feedback. Again, this is something that as I read this case really made me wish my organization took a different approach. I have sat in meeting after meeting with my management team and heard them shoot down each and every suggestion given by anyone who is below the manager and the assistant manager in position.
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Unformatted text preview: It is very important to realize that what sets this case apart from others is that not only did Weinbach ask for feedback he followed up and follow through with it. We talked about in class how many companies are utilizing satisfaction surveys and tools to collect suggestions or feedback from their employees. The problem is that in many cases, that is where it stops. Nothing changes or is even reported back to the employees. It may be a long process to change a broken culture, but if the key leaders in the organization not only say they want to fix it, but takes steps to, employees are much more likely to be receptive and productive....
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