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Week 5 Leadership 1 - what the team is doing The text...

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3. Managers play a huge role in facilitating team effectiveness by leading by example in this case. The Fed Ex senior managers practiced team leadership by doing, not telling as described in our example. They would go down to the conveyer belts and help load packages in the case on an emergency instead of simply delegating the responsibility. This is a major way to show your dedication in reaching goals with your team. My boss spends so much time in meetings that she cannot even answer her emails in a timely fashion, let alone find time to play an active role in
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Unformatted text preview: what the team is doing. The text points out that strong teams stem from strong organizational support from the top of the organization. These Fed Ex managers demonstrated their support by helping during a time of crisis. I see so much finger pointing in my organization when things go wrong that it makes me wonder how they find time around passing the buck to prevent the next catastrophe....
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