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Full Name Cost Type FS Facility Specialist Resource $21 PM Project Manager Resource $32 CP Corp. Personnel Resource $18 PS Production Specialist Resource $24 BD Building Design Fixed $32,000 RC Real Estate Consultant Resource $55 SC Site Cost Fixed $216,000 ME Manufacturing Engineer Resource $18 GC General Contractor Resource $70 PC Permit Costs Fixed $3,200 BC Building Costs Fixed $1,200,000 PD Personnel Director Resource $20 EC
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Unformatted text preview: Equipment Costs Fixed $780,000 AC Architect Resource $65 IC Equipment Installation Fixed $120,000 MS Marketing Spet Resource $24 AD Accounting Director Resource $22 TC Truck Cost Fixed $135,000 TM Traffic Manager Resource $19 LC Landscaping Fixed $26,000 PA Purchasing Agent Resource $22 Resource/Cost Initials Hourly Rate ($/Hr) or Fixed Cost ($)...
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