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PM598 Fall 2010A negotiation paper II

PM598 Fall 2010A negotiation paper II - PM598 Fall 2010...

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PM598 Fall 2010 session A Negotiation Exercise 2: Ann M. Fick [email protected]
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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sends out thousands of notices a day. They follow names and addresses until they find someone who can pay the tax. I was doing bookkeeping services for a company that randomly assigned me the title of “CFO”. The title came with no authority and responsibility limited to everything that no one else wanted to do. The owners of the company were absent from the daily operations. When the owners finally realized they had a business that was never going to produce income or any positive cash flow, they retained me to shut it down. The first item of business was to review the books to find anything that could generate cash. Then we reconciled all the liabilities. That is when I found that reports had not been filed and payroll tax deposits had not been completed and checks had been voided. I filed the reports and used all available cash to pay the outstanding taxes but fell short about $20,000. Instead of the IRS starting with the owners – recorded on the annual tax returns—they started with me since I discovered the tax issues and signed the missing tax returns as the bookkeeper.
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