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Thank you Latreese. I worked through part two and this is what I found. .. Using absorption income statement to prove 210,000 units required to reach $4,800,000 profit: Sales (210,000 x 200) 42,000,000 -Variable Expenses Beg. Bal. 0 COGM (110x210,000) + 8,400,000 -31,500,000 End Bal GM 10,500,000 -Selling/Admin cost -5,600,600 Net Operating Income
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Unformatted text preview: 4,900,000 This proves that I either have the selling price incorrect, or the incorrect units required. However, what it does prove is that if the company sold 210,000 units at $200.00 they would be expected to exceed their stretch goal of 4,800,000 profit. Anyone know where my mistake is????...
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