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Week 6 Research Dicussion Thread Q1 - Week6 Discussion...

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Week6 Discussion Thread Research 12-30 Question 1. FedEx’s strategy is as follows: .· “ Increase in High-Tech and High-Value-Added Businesses: Our various operating companies offer a unique menu of services to fit virtually all shipping needs of high-tech and high-value-added industries.” · “ Globalization: According to Air Cargo World magazine, FedEx Express has the largest share of the global air cargo market and thus received a number one ranking in the magazine’s “World’s Top 50 Cargo Airlines” list during 2005.” · “ Supply Chain Acceleration: As a result, companies of all sizes depend on the delivery of just-in-time inventory to help them compete faster and more efficiently. We have taken advantage of the move toward faster, more efficient supply chains by helping customers substitute near real-time information to manage inventory in motion, thereby reducing overhead and obsolescence and speeding time-to-market.” · “ Growth of the Internet and E-Commerce:
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