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Unethical doesn’t cover Earle’s behavior. Earle asked Arnett to do the calculations and I would assume the intent was to clarify whether or not this was a sound business purchase. Earle should have been thankful that Arnett was thorough in her initial calculations and found that this would be a negative investment for the organization. Earle completely violated the IMA’s ethical code by basically asking Arnett to pad or alter her calculations.
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Unformatted text preview: I don’t necessarily think Rachel meant to act unethically. When she submitted her original findings to Earle they were correct and complete. It wasn’t until she was basically coerced to change them that she did so unethically. Ultimately the bulk of the responsibility in this situation should fall on Earle. However Arnett could shave reported Earle’s behavior to avoid being forced to do something she knew was not right....
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