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That is a very true concept. I used to work at a juvenile jail and we had to record everything minute by minute throughout the day in a log, and we had a ton of other types of documentation we have to keep on a daily basis. It was all for the same purpose, to cover our assets and any of the documents could be taken to court and be considered a legal document. I do the same thing now. Rules change at my job from day to day. Our procedures are not really standardized and we have to try to keep up. Often times, I find that management cannot even keep up and they get on us even when we do things per the newest changes. So I keep all sorts of documentation related to directives that are sent down the chain and I just hope that someday
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Unformatted text preview: all of our managers will end up on the same page. I think it is even more important to protect yourself when you are working with a company’s financial. America is such a money driven society and it is so important to have accurate documentation on all financials within an organization. Arthur mentioned that his company has procedures in place to cover people that report unethical behavior but it is not something that is gone over with thoroughly y with the employees. I think this is sad. A company should commend and stand behind people that are protecting its best interest....
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