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3. I found a great site that sort of breaks down how Managerial Accounting can be used even beyond the realm of manufacturing. First of all, Managerial Accounting works to provide information to managers which are the people who are directly related to and in control of an organization’s operations. This is not limited to manufacturing as you can see from the following list of things that can be included in Managerial Accounting information. -Info on cost of products and services provided by the company
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Unformatted text preview: -a quantitative budget-performance reports-other information which can assist management in planning and controlling tasks *this includes info on revenues obtained by the company’s products and services Overall, Managerial Accounting systems are primarily intended to gauge the efficiency of an internal process. This can be applied to a manufacturing, service, or merchandising company. Source: http://www.managerialaccounting.org/...
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