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Week 1 Discussion Research 2 - repair shops or find an...

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Ethics in Business In the example given management was trying to direct and motivate their employees to sell more of a certain product. The problem was that the employees were so afraid of the consequences outlines; they were willing to provide poor customer service by selling unnecessary items to achieve the target sales placed on them by managements. If all companies regularly try to sell customers unnecessary service and parts it will have a very negative effect on customer’s behaviors. Customers may try to protect themselves by doing the work themselves or just avoiding repair shops all together. This obviously could jeopardize the condition of the consumer’s vehicle, but ultimately if enough customers either stop going to
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Unformatted text preview: repair shops or find an alternative way of getting their vehicles serviced, the companies will lose profits. If auto repair shops continue to lose profits they may have to lay some of their employees off. It may also simply become an undesirable industry to work in. As stated in our text, companies should recognize predictable risks before they occur, rather than reacting when it may be too late. This is a good piece of advice to the to all companies and those who work for them. Source: Garrison, Noreen, and Brewer . Managerial Accounting. Fourteenth Edition. McGraw -Hill...
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