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Week 1 Discussion Research 3 - Blue Nile is sure taking...

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I found this discussion very interesting. I did some research on Direct Buy and found that many of their customers are extremely happy with the money they made by buying the products directly. Even the customers that reported to the “Rip Off” website said they would not want to cancel their membership with Direct Buy. It looks like a company is able to use butting the middle man out of the equation to their benefit.
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Unformatted text preview: Blue Nile is sure taking advantage of the money they can not only save customers by talking out the middle man, but the money they can save by not putting money into other companies to help them do their business. Sources: http://www.consumerreviews.org/direct-buy?imm_cid=10-5A&imm_kwd=CR:direct%20buy http://ripoffreport.com/search/company/Direct+Buy.aspx...
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