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DeVry Inc. Annual Report 2009 Despite difficult economic times and the rising competitive pressure from community colleges, traditional universities, and technical colleges, total revenues rose 33.9% reaching a record high of $1461.5 million and a record net income of $165.7 million increase or 32% over 2008. This was all achievable while still making investments to drive academic excellence and future expansion. The report continues to state that DeVry’s financial position remained strong and stable as it produced $249.6 million of operating cash flow for 2009’s fiscal year. The annual report continues to show signs of expansions and continued success for DeVry. For 2010 management anticipates a continued increase to between $95 and $105 million in capital expenditures in order to support future development and continued implementation of a new
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Unformatted text preview: student system at DeVry. DeVry also plans to open 3-4 new locations in 2010. Looking back over DeVry’s recent acquisitions of Apollo College, I believe they will show the same kinds of success and trends as they have with their other entities. DeVry Inc. consists of DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management, Ross University, Becker CPA review, Chamberlain College of Nursing which all showed increases in enrollment and course takers in 2009 over 2008. I foresee the same happening with Apollo and continued success and people try turn to education to make them better candidates for careers during our tough economic conditions. Source: http://www.devryinc.com/investor_relations/annual_report/2009_Annual_Report.pdf...
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