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Week 4 Portfolio Theory 1 - upon the timeframe there are...

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I see a trend here. I utilize my employee benefits which include 401K and employee stock purchasing. There are portfolios that you can choose from that are tailored for your age range. The younger you are the higher the expected rate of return but also the higher the risk is involved. Therefore, the younger you are more stocks and fewer bonds will be included in your portfolio. Also, our corporation matches up to 4% of contributions and you are vested immediately. It is basically a no brainer to at least choose the minimum amount to invest. There are also opportunities for profit sharing. I believe in this case, the more you have invested based
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Unformatted text preview: upon the timeframe there are sharing profits for, the larger the percent they reward you with. This allocation is dropped into your 401 K account. These types of larger deposits are fully vested within 5 years. Lastly, unfortunately I am unsure how our stock benefit works. I just have a small amount allotted for stock purchasing out of each check. As I continue to gain more knowledge about investments through this class, I will try to better apply it to my personal finances and as least make sure I have made the best decisions in the past with my investment company....
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