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“The mission of DeVry University is to foster student learning through high-quality, career- oriented education integrating technology, science, business and the arts. The university delivers practitioner-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs onsite and online to meet the needs of a diverse and geographically dispersed student population.” This mission becomes very apparent as I am taking classes even with Keller. Although I work for DeVry and it is our responsibility to maintain and deliver this standard, with each class I take I can actually see the progress and success that is being made toward this goal.
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Unformatted text preview: DeVry truly is career orientated which is I think the most important asset a university can have. I’m sure it is great to have a good sports team, but I wonder if that is the best business strategy. Maybe it is intriguing to students just getting out of high school, but for the target market of adults looking to become successful employees, working for a good company DeVry is on the right track. Corporate Scope – DeVry is continuously expanding and even has an international presence. The home office is located in Illinois. Source: www.devry.edu...
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